Bari is a seaside Italian town of 320,000 with a population of 650,000 in the new suburbs of the city and has one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean. It offers all the necessary living conditions to its students and in turn highlights a friendly and welcoming environment for prospective students.

A well-known university in the south that also holds the title of super-rector as it collaborates and supervises the programs of neighboring universities.

It was founded in 1925 and is a pole of attraction mainly for Greek students in western Greece due to the easy ferry access.

The English-speaking medical school in Bari offers a total of 42 places for European Union students and 8 for non-EU students.

It is considered and indeed is one of the good study options.

The facilities of the English-speaking medical school are located in the northwest of the city and have modern facilities and apply modern teaching methods.

It is clearly not one of the first choices of prospective students but it remains a very good choice for studying in an English-speaking medical school.

The course is similar to the standard Italian medical curriculum in Bari. Teaching consists of lectures, patient demonstrations, clinical skills, seminars, distance learning, self-study, and special sessions with foreign teachers belonging to a Network for Excellence in Medical Education. The strength of BEMC is based on small classes, all courses taught in English, an excellent mix of theory and practice, an international environment, and a global campus network.

In addition to teaching, an important focus of the Faculty is scientific research. Bari’s research centers on medical studies are highly interactive and well connected with other departments, universities, and research centers.

Admission to the English School of Medicine in Bari is through the International Medical Admissions Test– IMAT, a 60 multiple-choice test in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, General Knowledge and Logic. The IMAT exams are held every year in September in several examination centers around the world, including Athens and Nicosia.

Students have access to various types of accommodation such as rooms, apartments, campuses and private accommodation.

Students can eat in the student clubs - mense universitarie - where the meals are very low priced.

Tuition at the University of Bari is based on the student's annual family income and assets.

A good and cheap city, with all the comforts of a big one and an English-speaking medical school that deserves to be one of the study options.


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