Following in the footsteps of evolution, the University of Messina in southern Italy is the first English-speaking medical school in Sicily.

The big city of the South has 280,000 inhabitants and offers excellent living conditions, hospitality from its inhabitants and a university institution that follows the developments and offers ideal educational conditions.

The University of Messina was founded in 1548 and offers excellent study programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The English-speaking medical school in Messina offers a total of 38 places for European Union students and 30 for non-EU students and is taught in English for all years of study.

This medical school is highly ranked as one of the best in Italy and it has found a way to remain at this forefront. With its single cycle degree course, this medical school primary objectives are to train world-class medical doctors within 6 academic years. 

During this academic programme, each student is expected to take 360 ECTS which are the expected standard of the present Italian and European legislation. Of which, 60 ECTS are to be acquired by students involving themselves in training activities which are expected to be used to develop personal medical skills.

Being a practical oriented medical school, the University of Messina medical school takes students through professional activities which often take place in the Operative Units at the G. Martino University Hospital right at the heart of Messina. Here, students partake in giving assistance and care to patients, combining scientific research studies with theoretical knowledge. In addition to that, students are expected to also put into practice their study plan with the aid of elective didactic in their personal field of interest. These activities have 8 credits assigned to it.

At the University of Messina medical school, the first year of this medical program is dedicated to helping students acquire methodological and fundamentals of course like physics, molecular and cellular biology, the general architecture of the body, tissue organization in the human body, ontogeny, and a course that quickly introduces students to clinical.

During the second year, a step is taken further. The University of Messina medical school deals more with morphology, the functions, and mechanisms of systems, organs and tissues, detailed analysis of pathological processes, and a clear view of what clinicals are all about. From the third to the fifth year, the University of Messina prioritizes the general acquisition of clinical skills. This is done by integrating both medical-surgical disciples with theoretical teachings.

The sixth-year being the finals at the University of Messina medical school, students are groomed to become sound in clinical reasoning. At this stage, students are expected to be able to apply both the scientific methods and knowledge gained over the years to examine and solve clinical and surgical cases. This expectation is also extended to emergency cases. In addition to this method used to groom medical students, the University of Messina does take a step further by dividing students into groups to discuss the medical thesis. This is believed to fast track the maturation process of students when it comes to developing medicals and clinical skills.

Admission to the English-language Medical School in Messina is through the International Medical Admissions Test– IMAT, a 60 multiple-choice test in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, General Knowledge and Logic. The IMAT exams are held every year in September in several examination centers around the world, including Athens and Nicosia.

Students have access to various types of accommodation such as rooms, apartments, campuses and private accommodation.

Students can eat in the student clubs - mense universitarie - where the meals are very low priced.

Tuition at the University of Messina is based on the student's annual family income and assets.

A good and cheap city, with all the amenities of a big one and an English-speaking medical school that deserves to be one of the high school options.





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