The University of Pavia PAVIA is an institution of historical interest, internationally renowned and unquestionably recognized by the global medical community.

It was founded in 825 as a school of higher education and in 1361 it took the form and dimensions of a university, offering since then excellent study programs for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The University of Pavia has been for many centuries the only university in the Lombardy region and has met the needs of university education even for students from major cities such as Milan.

It is located south of Milan, 45 minutes from the capital of the prefecture of Lombardy.

Pavia is a quiet campus of 75,000 inhabitants, and its university is a magnet for many students from all over the world for both the history of the university and the quality of its educational programs and services.

The University of Pavia, always a pioneer in education, is the first university in Italy to establish an English-speaking medical school.

Indeed, the decision to establish the English-speaking department of the Medical School of the University of Pavia was first announced in 2007. Following discussions by the university council with student communities, hospitals and the Ministry of Education and Health in 2009, the establishment of the English-speaking school was officially announced.

It was originally the only state English-speaking medical school in Italy, but since 2011 in collaboration with the English-speaking medical school in Milan and the La Sapienza English-language medical school in Rome as well as the Italian Ministry of Education with Cambridge Assessment, they first joined the examinations of these three universities with the name IMAT - International Medical Admissions Test.

The University includes 9 different faculties with approximately 24.000 students. The campus is divided all over the city.

The Harvey Medical Course offered by the University of Pavia is indeed an exceptional school that stands out among all universities.

Despite being the first of its kind in Italy, its teaching standards still serve as a model for other medical schools.

It offers the Harvey course, a complete curriculum that has been practiced by medicine for over 500 years. This system provides students with a solid background and it is the first medical program in Italy that offers medical education in English.

The Faculty of Medicine of Pavia consists of many teaching professors, scientists, and clinicians who constantly follow the leading developments and up-to-date information in the Medical Field.

The English-speaking medical school of the University of Pavia offers a total of 70 places to students from the European Union and 40 for non-EU students and the study is in English for all 6 years.

Through collaborations around the world with renowned international universities and through its excellent programs, he managed to establish the English-speaking medical school of the university - Harvey Medical Course - among the first preferences of the prospective students.

Admission to the English-language School of Medicine in Pavia is through the International Medical Admissions Test– IMAT, a 60 multiple-choice test in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, General Knowledge and Logic. The IMAT exams are held every year in September in several examination centers around the world, including Athens and Nicosia.

The facilities of the Medical School are located within walking distance from the historic center of the city, making the daily transportation of students easy.

Students have access to various types of accommodation such as rooms, apartments, campuses and private accommodation.

Students can eat in the student clubs - mense universitarie - where the meals are very low priced.

Tuition fees at the University of Pavia are based on the student's annual family income and assets.

The English-speaking medical school in Pavia is an excellent choice for studying at a University of historical interest, which is why it is one of the top preferences of prospective students.

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