Rome's second major state university is called Tor Vergata and was founded in 1982.

Its campus facilities are located 12 km from the center of Rome and specifically on the southeast side of the city.

Tor Vergata University English-speaking medicine provides a total of 25 places for European Union students and 10 for non-EU students and is an excellent choice that combines the immense beauty of the Eternal City with a promising and up-and-coming university.

Courses are in English in all years of study.

When it comes to scientific research and clinical training, this University is highly ranked and often considered as one of the best in Italy. Apart from the general medicine and surgery course which it is well known for, the University of Rome Tor Vergata offers other courses which include a Medicine and  Dentistry, three-year courses of Bachelor of Health Science and several other Ph.D. Courses.

When it comes to research works, this medical school has had landmark research breakthroughs in medical fields such as; Gene and Cell Therapy of Human Disease, Human and Molecular Genetics, Anesthesiology, Pediatrics and Radiology, General Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Genetics, Stem Cells, Complex Gene, and OB/GYN.

Admission to the English-speaking Medical School of Tor Vergata, Rome, is through the International Medical Admissions Test– IMAT, a 60 multiple-choice test in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, General Knowledge and Logic. The IMAT exams are held every year in September in several examination centers around the world, including Athens and Nicosia.

Rome - Roma is a large city of 2,900,000 inhabitants, with unimaginable beauty, excellent architecture and monuments of great recognition and at the same time pleasant and hospitable to both students and visitors to the city.

Students have access to various types of accommodation such as rooms, apartments, campuses and private accommodation.

Students can eat in the student clubs - mense universitarie - where the meals are very low priced.

Tuition fees at Tor Vergata University in Rome are based on the student's annual family income and assets.

English-speaking medicine at Tor Vergata University in Rome may not be one of the candidates' top preferences, but it is still a serious study proposal.

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