Siena is a small town in central Italy with 55,000 inhabitants. It maintains its medieval character and offers excellent living conditions to both students and thousands of visitors each year.

The University of Siena was founded in 1240 and is one of the oldest universities in Italy.

Always innovative and having international collaborations, it is a pioneer once again, having founded the only English-speaking dental school in Italy.

The duration of study at the English-speaking dental school of Siena is 6 years and the studies are in English for all years.

Siena English-speaking dentistry offers a total of 28 places for students from the European Union and 12 for non-EU students and is one of the best choices in Europe.

The primary aim of the program is to train physicians who have the competence, clinical experience, and ethics of inpatient oral care. The structure of the program is dedicated to mainly dental medical topics surrounded by basic science and medicine. Apart from each topic addressing in lectures, several internships are required in order to deepen theoretical knowledge and develop the professional skills of students.

The single-cycle course in Dentistry at the University of Siena is designed according to the recommendations of the ADEE (Association for European Dental Education) and the Italian Ministry of Education. In their last year, all students must work with patients every day, using the innovative tools of digital dentistry and new dental materials.

Admission to the English School of Dentistry in Siena is through the International Medical Admissions Test– IMAT, a 60 multiple-choice test in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, General Knowledge and Logic. The IMAT exams are held every year in September in several examination centers around the world, including Athens and Nicosia.

Students have access to various types of accommodation such as rooms, apartments, campuses and private accommodation.

Students can eat in the student clubs - mense universitarie - where the meals are very low priced.

Tuition fees at the University of Siena are based on the student's annual family income and assets.

A city with a huge history, an excellent university and an English-speaking dental school that despite being the only one in Italy, is an excellent choice of study.

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