The EUROSTUDIES University Preparation Centre was established by the teacher of Italian Language and Culture teacher Prof. Sgouros Sotiris, graduate of the University of Perugia.

EUROSTUDIES is a Centre of Preparation for University Studies which specializes in the preparation of candidate students for their entry into Universities in Italy, Britain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria.

EUROSTUDIES has proceeded with a series of official collaborations with recognized schools in the field of university preparation courses, the courses of which are materialized exclusively in our school and are accepted in over 70 Universities in Great Britain and Italy.

In its 34 years, Eurostudies has hosted students of various nationalities from all over the world. Over the years, the Eurostudies syndicate has developed links with Universities in European countries

Eurostudies, specializes in European Universities Medical Schools Admissions. We deliver effective Distance Online Preparation and guidance for the IMAT test, which is required by Medical Schools in Italy, for the BMAT and UCAT test, which is required by Medical Schools in UK, for the Netherlands, Czech Republic and Bulgarian Selection test for medicine, to students all around the world.

The Online Courses are delivered via our online school which has been designed to deliver excellent services and support for the student. The online platform has built-in communication tools to promote interaction among participants and tutors and provide students with a flexible, motivating, and productive experience.

Our teaching staff, are all graduates of Italian and British universities, and our courses are highly adapted to the needs of the final exam.

The result of our efforts is excellent and the figures of verified admissions are climbing higher every year.

All our courses are taught with professionalism and responsibility, which allow as to guarantee the success of the studies.

Our courses are addressed to the students who require a very good preparation for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the university of choice as well as the acquisition of a universally recognized language diploma.

The lessons are taughted by Italian, British and Greek professors.

The lessons can also be distance-taught in the personal space of each candidate

For those students who already study in a University, Eurostudies organizes support lessons either in our school or distance-taught.

The experience of the management of the school and the high academic constitution of the teachers make Eurostudies stand out in the education sector by having a high percentage of success both in the introduction into European Universities and the preparation for the acquisition of language diplomas.

Each activity is tackled by focusing on quality, and present interest of the courses offered,

The classes are strictly taught in 10 people groups in order to achieve the best possible results and to be in position to cater for the needs of each of our students having, as a final target, the securing of a place in the university of his or her choice as well as the successful participation in an examination for a language diploma.

For more information please address to our school.

The Management and the teaching staff will always be at your disposal for more information.

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